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Hue, Tint and Shade (Petit Morts, #1)

Among the Living (PsyCop #1) - Jordan Castillo Price Well I really didn't know what to expect from this book, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This was quite a short story, a novella, and the first in the PsyCop series.

Loved: I really enjoyed the whole premise of a special unit in the police that were pairings of a non-psychic and a psychic cop of some kind. Each had their own type of special ability such as seeing/talking with the dead, being able to tell truth from lie, the ability to know the answer to any Yes/No question etc. I enjoyed the way we learnt not only about the main characters work life and ability but also the downside of it and something of his personal life and his character. I I can really see this having the potential to be quite a catchy series if it is developed more fully.

Hated: Unfortunately, Vic was the only one character that was properly fleshed out, and even then we weren't given THAT much. I think the length of the story limited how much info could be included. The mystery itself really didn't seem to take any time to solve, but again I think that was down to the length of the novella. Unfortunately Jacob seems very 'cardboard cutout' at the moment. I felt their relationship was very rushed and we didn't really get to see them having much in the way of any conversation/heart-to-heart etc to know why they were together, and yet at the same time it is implied that it definitely isn't just sex for either of them. I also thought the ending was very rushed and Jacob especially was not showing any of the concern I thought he would have considering what had just happened.

So really, to sum up, a great idea for a series, love the whole 'world' that's been put forward in this first book, like what I have seen of the characters so far, but would really have liked to see it play out across a longer book with more to the mystery. It would have been great if the next book was longer and went more in depth on the character development and the plot of the mystery, but I think they carry on as novellas. So whilst I quite enjoyed this one, I don't think I will rush to read the series, although I will definitely put them on my 'to-read' shelf for the future.