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Dark Summer - Lizzy Ford Mixed feelings about this - overall I enjoyed the read and I want to read the next one to find out what happens as this definitely ends on a major cliff-hanger.

- Enjoyed the story, the world, the magic system
- Kept me interested enough to want to read the next

- I'm not a huge fan of YA, so only read the odd ones that are recommended to me - so everyones' thoughts/actions seemed a bit young and naive to me, even for 17/18 year olds.
- I got bored with certain points of the book and was hoping for the pace to pick up. I almost put it down about half way through and wasn't going to finish it. The pacing needed a bit of work.
- The ending was quite good but I felt the big dramatic bit was all a bit rushed and then the part afterwards dragged out unnecessarily.
- Where was the magic? I was hoping to see more in use...but it was subtle here and there. Hopefully this will be much better in the next in the series.
- The insta-love! Urgh, I get there is a magical attraction etc, but I would have preferred to see more time spent with the build-up