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Blood Trinity - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love The sample of the ebook that I downloaded intrigued me enough to buy the book but after I got past the first chapters it became a little boring.

At half way through there have been a lot of things going on with multiple strands to the story. We have met lots of different characters throughout who have interesting stories of their own each and relationships prior to the start of the book etc...however, something is just not quite clicking for me as I am not feeling much for any of the characters. I don't know whether it is because there is so much to explain that not enough time has been spent on any one character or whether it is just a complicated plot so the first half of the first book in the series is being used to lay out all the strands...but I can't say I am as engrossed as I feel I should be at this point and I am not feeling anything much for the characters like I should be...especially the potential love interests at this point (there are a few to choose from!).

I do like the way we were not introduced to every character at the beginning and we are meeting new people and parts of the plot as it goes along. Plus it is not immediately obvious who the leading man/hero is - there is a choice of quite a few potential heros in the book. But without the depth to them that is needed to develop any emotions about them, they are all feeling quite flat at half way through although now that I have finished the book this does get better to some extent...

There are many unanswered questions at the end with a resolution to the most immediate 'battle' but a complete cliff-hanger as to other areas. Despite some of the negatives, I still feel that I would continue to read the rest of the series. Its a shame as some parts of the book probably warrant a 4* or 5* but I cant say that I enjoyed it enough to give more than a 3*.