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Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione I love this series - although I still think the first book was my favourite, but maybe that's because I love discovering new books/worlds, so the first one for me is always the best as it has the excitement of the 'new and unknown'.

However, this was a pretty good story - as usual action-packed, sexy and exciting. I love that we hear from multiple characters and there are subplots running through each book - Ky & Gem have been a great little storyline running through the books and you see much more of them here.

In the first two books I really liked Wraith's character and I was very much looking forward to reading 'his' story, and whilst I really enjoyed this third book in the series, I am a little disappointed. I found him to be not quite as 'bad boy' as I was hoping for - maybe because he was sick he couldn't be quite so macho with his fights etc - and I think more could probably have been made about him being a demon/vampire prior to her finding out at the end (for instance when they had the fights, didn't she wonder how a human could fight like he did?).

But all in all another enjoyable read that I didn't want to put down.