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Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward I really liked this - I was looking forward to learning more about Rhevenge and it was interesting to understand the sympaths.

The secondary storyline of Wrath and Beth was pretty good too, but whilst I did really like this addition to the story, I felt like a lot of focus was on secondary parts of the story and maybe not enough time was spent on the main story, as when I got to the end I felt like a lot have been left unsaid - and there were a lot of things I would have liked to know more about regarding the sympaths and Rhev & Ehlena. Plus the shadow brothers are an intriguing part of the story we have seen for a while now and don't know much about. More of them is seen here but not enough to properly understand who they are and why Rhev is friends with them etc - maybe we will learn more in the next one/future books.

We didn't really get to see anything more on the Quinn/Blay angle either and I wasn't really too pleased with what is happening to John, but I guess that will be resolved in his story.

Unlike previous books, this one leaves quite a large cliffhangar with one of the main characters, so I am going to read the next one straight after - John Matthew & Xhex's story.