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The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter I love the harpies and I love strider so was really looking forward to this one!

There were some great parts to the story and as usual the secondary storylines were intriguing.

But I was a bit disappointed as there were a few aspects I thought could have been made more of.

The harpy games were a great idea and I would have liked to see them completed, we didnt get to understand much about the paring rod itself, but then i guess this will follow in the next one - and Kaia heard Strider's demon in her head originally but not much was said about this/we didnt know why. Was Juliette working with the hunters? or just getting them to attack - if she was why didnt they kill her/capture her for questioning considering how the Lords normally operate! I would have liked to understand more about the Phoenix part of Kaia - but again, maybe we will see more of her later?

I am assuming we probably haven't seen the end of Lazarus and it will be good to see him again if he does make an appearance again.