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The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter I really liked this story in the series - I liked Scarlet's character and her demon Nightmares, it was quite fun! :)

Gideon's need to constantly lie made it a bit odd at points - sometimes annoying, but sometimes really quite funny that I found myself laughing out loud.

I also felt that out of all of them, this one was very emotional with the storyline about Steel and the memories etc.

I wasn't too keen on the secondary storylines of Strider and Amun though - why would Amun just go into hell like that and why would Aeron ask him to? I didn't make sense that there wasn't more acknowledgement about what could happen to him and I hope Aeron and Legion are feeling EXTREMELY guilty in the next book...and what's up with the whole William and hell thing? I guess something for us to find out at a later date...

As for the secondary storyline with Strider - I found it a bit odd - he was acting strangely out of character with not wanting to hurt the woman who killed Baden and I didn't think it was particularly smart of him to make the bargain with the unspoken ones...again that seemed pretty out of character for someone who considers themselves a master strategist! But then I guess it will all work out somehow in the end anyway...