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Finders Keepers - Linnea Sinclair Enjoyed this a lot, but it ended rather abruptly and although it was a different type of set up, there were a lot of similarities with Games of Command, which i have only just read - so probably best not to read these two one after another.

I did find the different factions of the enemy very difficult to keep straight and understand who was what, so it spoilt the plot a little for me as i couldnt follow it and guess at what was happening as well as I wanted.

There were a lot of things that seemed to be left at the end, lots of characters that were not really commented on at the end. There wasn't really a cliff-hangar, but just things that needed wrapping up which I guess are left to the imagination of the reader.

Oh and I really don't like heros with mustaches, so every time Rhis' mustache was mentioned, I pretended it wasnt said and tried to block it out!!! lol but thats just personal preference.