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Night Play - Sherrilyn Kenyon Enjoyable story - a bit soppy, but I still liked it. I do like the way there are so many characters and myths throughout this series and that we see previous characters appear again, developement of stories further to set up for future stories and new characters entering.

I did feel it was left a little open with the ending without it fully finishing as I was expecting more from these super magical powers that Vane was supposed to have...but maybe that is something for the future? Or not...

I didn't find this as gripping/dark as, for instance, the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (J R Ward) and probably not quite as 'un-put-downable' as The Lords of the Underworld series (Gena Showlater), but the multitude of characters reminded me of the Lords series You don't get to see as many points of view here and secondary stories running through the book are limited.

Probably a series I will dip in and out of.