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Queen of Shadows - Dianne Sylvan I really enjoyed this book - although it was similar in some ways to many other books in the genre there were some new concepts that I really liked. But WARNING, the plot of the second book completely ruins it, so I would stop reading here with this book...it even spoilt my enjoyment of this book when I read the reviews for the second one and kind of gathered what awaited our H/H in the next book. There is a shocker that is completely pointless, seemingly out of character and changes both H/H characters for the worse... :( Big thumbs down and I am extremely disappointed as I was really looking forward to reading more in the series.

I did feel this first story dragged a little at times, but it added to the build up of relationships and made things more believable I guess. I didn't like the big gaps of time for the H/H to have spent apart in the book as it meant we didn't get that exciting interaction as much as I would have liked in the build up. But the plot was quite exciting.

However, I was left feeling there could have been a bit more made of this first story and then perhaps that would close off the main story about the H/H and we would be kept up to date with their story as secondary characters in the next installment, with a new H/H chosen - maybe Faith would be good.

So to sum up, great story, definitely worth a read, but stop at the end of this book and don't read the second book if you expect the story to carry on in the same vain romantically...as it makes the hero an inconsiderate/thoughless arse**le and the heroine a weak-willed idiot, when she has become strong in her journey through this first book and thats one of the great things as you see her develop.