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Demon Possession (Shadow Quest, #1) - Kiersten Fay Update - Ok I have just finished the book last night and here are my thoughts:

Best bits:
Exciting and intriguing storyline - with a bit better writing this could easily have been a 4 star
Fast-paced - i didnt get bored at any point and kept wanting to find out more
Hot sex scenes

Worst bits:
The incredibly annoying tendency to jump backwards and forwards in tense within the same sentence even. To me it read a little like the author had written notes initially about the plot and drafted the story but then hadn't rewritten it all properly into full sentences!
The general grammar and spelling
No subtlety with feelings
Too quick romance - felt very unrealistic

Once i got into the book i was able to ignore most of these points as for whatever reason i really wanted to know what happened in the story. However there was a short time at the beginning where i considered not bothering to read it because of these issues.

4/12/11 Partial review - I am part way through reading it:
am trying not to judge it just yet but I really hope the writing gets better. The overall story concept is great and got my interest immediately on reading the book cover and some of the summary reviews, but there is something about the writing I am not keen on.

There are a number of typos and changes in tense which are a little annoying but I could ignore those...but it seems almost as if the author wants to use "big words" and so fits them in where it is not quite appropriate or not necessary...it is difficult to explain but there is something about the writing that feels a bit like they are trying too hard or trying to make it something its not.

Also, the romance between the H/H began WAY too quickly for my liking and everything is a bit overly obvious and pointed out to you through the actions and thoughts of the characters...so you are being told about everything rather than feeling it or working it out. I much prefer subtlety in books when it comes to feelings.

Anyway I will hold my full review until I have finished the book...at the least the storyline is pretty engaging.