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The Key - Pauline Baird Jones I haven't read anything by this author before and found this to be an enjoyable read. Adventure, space travel, romance, military strategy, a kick ass heroine and a sexy alien love interest :)

I found the story pretty interesting and different to most of the things I have read lately so it was a nice change. There was quite a lot of humour to the story too which was amusing.

I liked the strength of the heroine although it was portrayed a bit comically (and not necessarily in a good way) sometimes - it was almost like she was wheeled out to arm wrestle to show their strength every time they met new people. I also found that whilst a big thing is made about there being women in the US airforce etc, we are not introduced to any to any extent/depth. All the other main characters were men.

But there was not a whole lot of depth to most of the characters emotions - the romance was not particularly well developed, for instance we don't know enough about the hero to know why she would fall in love with him. Just as an aside there are no sex scenes either - although they are implied, there is no detail.

There were also quite a few annoying things about the writing - a couple of phrases that kept being repeated, the phrase "made them go away" to mean killed them, and a few other things like this that were just noticeable.

However, despite the bad points, if you don't take this story too seriously it is an engaging and amusing story with some likeable characters and some pretty bad baddies.