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Anomaly (The Tri-Realms Saga, #1) - K.C. King It started off ok, but I just found it a bit childlike somehow. Everything was told to you - you didn't get to deduce anything yourself really.

Flowery words etc seemed to be being used just for the sake of it most of the time and so often didn't really create anything other than an annoyingly long paragraph to describe something simple. This is not evocative description I am talking about here but unnecessary amounts of words.

There is a trust issue between the H/H early on which I found very unrealistic - or our heroine is pretty weak willed. She also spent a lot of time sulking or passed out in her room in the first half that I have read which was irritating.

Events passed relatively quickly, but not in a fast-paced, action-packed good way...more in the fact that lots of things were crammed in but where additional background info or description would have been good, for once we were not given the extensive descriptive writing but a short succinct summary of the events.

Also the supernatural elements seemed very complicated in their description although not really anything new at the same time - perhaps the complicated description was an attempt to make it seem something different?

All in all a disappointment really and I don't think I can be bothered to finish it - if I do, it will definitely be by skimming.