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Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison I was expecting a little more from this as I enjoyed the first one so much - it was still good but not quite as good as #1. A lot did happen and it was pretty fast-paced and I really quite liked the H/H characters plus some of the secondary characters. I think we saw/heard more of Tiago's feelings than we did of Dragos' in the first book so it made you become attached to him a bit more.

Personally I feel like the H/H realised they liked each other way too quick as I was enjoying their arguing (from when you saw a glimpse in the first book through to the beginning of this one) but it didn't last long. I think that could have been kept up a little longer ...and whilst it didn't exactly spoil the story, I did find the location of where they first had sex a bit odd...but maybe that's just me. Although in general the sex scenes were definitely very steamy!!

I did feel the POV thing was still a bit unclear though like the first story...it flowed a bit easier than in the first story (or maybe I was just getting used to the way it changed) - but there were still times when I was reading thinking I was in Tricks' head and then suddenly I realised I was in Tiago's head instead...

Oh and I was intrigued by Carling's character - I am interested to see more of her in the series. I think her story is in the next book. (Although I do have a soft spot for vampires...)

A fun continuation to the series.