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Daughter of the Blood - Anne Bishop 4.5 stars

This is a very dark book and a number of gruesome things happen. Although they were dealt with well in the writing style so they didn't seem overly graphic etc. There was also a lot of incestuous stuff going on which was all a bit ick...and then the strange love of the witch-child. At times, with some of the characters, this did for me border on the disturbing, especially the ending.

Sex and blood play a large part in the concept of the story but it is not particularly graphic and for the most part was necessary for the story to explain characters and their motivations etc.

Some readers didnt like the multiple and constantly changing POV or the way you are dumped right into it as if you are in the middle of a story where you are struggling to grasp whats going on...however, for me, I actually enjoyed this way of finding things out and the changing POV kept it interesting with multiple story-lines. Everything is interwoven anyway, so it all makes sense when looking at the whole.

I did find parts of this disturbing and some quite emotional and the ending felt a little clumsy and confusing, so I felt this needed a little more work.

But in general this was a dark, gritty and gripping story and I will definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy to find out what happens - although I might need a bit of a break in between as its one of those series that you cant wait to read the next but its a bit too intense to read straight away.