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Boomerang Bride - Fiona Lowe 2.5 stars overall - I liked most of it but there was a lot of bits that were just ok and I didn't ever really feel much for the characters.

I thought the concept for the story sounded pretty good from reading the description of the book. It was quite a fun read but nothing that special. I think it was quite a sweet story and had some funny bits in there but it felt like it was trying too hard to be funny a lot of the time and I didn't really get the obsession with the differences between US and Australian words for things. One or two references might have been funny but it was brought up again and again throughout the book and mostly on really obvious words that shouldn't really have caused any confusion even though they were slightly different.

There was a secondary romance that ran through part of the book which was quite nicely done but as the characters were not really very well fleshed out, it was difficult to feel too much for them.

I found the sex scenes a bit odd - they were tried to be made steamy but they were not particularly descriptive - instead they were a bit too flowery and gushing for my liking.

It was kind of a cheesy and predictable storyline and it did drag slightly in places but I managed to fininh it without too much effort. I guess its a light-hearted read when you are just looking for something easy to read but nothing special.

I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone as there are a lot of better stories out there.