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Something to Talk about - M.J. Fredrick 3/3.5 stars

A nice little read. I felt the ending lacked a little something but all in all a decent enough story. It was nice how the reader saw from the POV of both H/H.

Not a huge amount happened aside from the relationship and it was just trivial stuff of a small town life.

There were a couple of bits where I thought the dialogue was odd and abrupt/rude which seemed a bit out of character - for instance between Ellie and Delinda when discussing the church fair. It wasn't anything major but there were just a couple of bits like this of odd conversation where it stopped the flow of the story a little for me and made me think "huh, that's a bit odd".

I would read other books by Fredrick as I quite liked the writing style.

Oh and there were pretty hot/steamy sex scenes too!