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Hotblooded - Erin Nicholas I have given this 1 star overall as if I am honest, I really didn't like this overall and it actually really annoyed me in the end - I am pretty angry as I write thinking about it and it isn't often that a book actually makes me angry. It would have been a d-n-f if it hadn't been for the fact that I was so near to the end by the time it started really making me angry.

The beginning of the book was pretty good and I was really looking forward to it. It seemed quite fun, interesting and there was some hot attraction between the H/H with quite a steamy scene right near the beginning. I did feel the motivation for the hero to be so adamant about helping our heroine was too over the top (I didn't see the guilt as a good/strong enough justification to go to the lengths he was going to and he couldn't have had feelings at this point so close to the beginning). Despite this, I was enjoying it and I would have rated it around 3.5/4 stars if it had continued in this style.

However, by the second half I was getting really annoyed about the way that nobody was discussing the real reason the heroine was acting as she was (re the history with her mum & the town); the H/H reactions seemed pretty unrealistic/fake; it seemd the hero of our tale was pretty weak as far as I was concerned with how he dealt with the people in the diner who would diss our heroine (and this happened again later in the story too where I would personally have punched the person for what they were saying!); there was so much emphasis on what the friggin town thought; the heroine couldn't make up her mind what she thought about things/how she wanted to act with the hero; and my biggest irritation that made me really angry was after the H/H finally got it together enough that they spent a night away in a hotel and pretty much confessed they loved one another, the next morning the idiot 'hero' said certain things in the diner in front of the town without discussing it with our heroine, made things awkward for her and despite knowing how she felt because of her mother, didn't help the situation or what people would think at all! And then acted affronted like it was her fault. I wanted to smack him one...at this point the whole story fell apart for me and I really didn't like the rest AT ALL and I would have said -1 star for the final 20% of the book. It was stupid and annoying with no depth of emotion and really 2D characters. Grrrrr, I am just so annoyed that I wasted my time reading this book and paid for it.