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The Darkest Seduction (Hqn) - Gena Showalter To give you the background of where I am at with this review: At the beginning of the year I was REALLY looking forward to the release of Paris' story and I had recently read through the whole LotU series so the overall plot was fresh in my mind. But I then got side-tracked with other things and didn't get to read this until now, so its been a few months since I read the last in the series.

Unlike the other stories in this series, we go into this book already knowing quite a lot about Paris' obsession with Sienna. Although we always know who the love interest is going to be in each story, somehow, because we already know quite a lot about both these characters, I am not going in expecting to love this as much as I have the other books. Which is a shame as a do LOVE this series. I am sure I will still enjoy the story and the humour, but I felt we could have done with something of a twist and to have Paris maybe find there was someone else he should be with.

For instance, near the beginning Paris meets Viola, and it occurred to me while she was not interested in him like most women were, that actually what Paris needed was not just someone that could be with him more than once, but also someone that was immune to his demon's allure...I'm not sure yet how this story is going to pan out but I'm unfortunately going into the story feeling a little disappointed at the predictability of this one. Maybe this is what the author meant in her note to the reader about trying to write the story differently but in the end having to write it how Paris wanted!

Updated: Ok so I have finished the story now and it was actually surprisingly good. In the first couple of chapters I wanted Paris to find someone else instead of Sienna, but I have to admit the story won me over and I was quite happy for them to end up together - Sienna's character was actually pretty likeable.

The overall story-line was interesting too - although it does leave me wondering quite where they are going to go from here...it's going to be quite a long time to wait for the next one so I am going to read the first of the Angels of the Dark, Wicked Nights (LotU spin-off series) while I wait! We see quite a lot of Zacharel during Darkest Seduction, so I am interested to read his story.