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A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole 3.5-4 stars

Ok so the good stuff first - the over-arching story was quite entertaining and I enjoyed the story. It was pretty fast-paced throughout and I enjoyed it. There wasn't a point where I started slowing down - I wanted to continue reading throughout the book and didnt want to put it down.

I am looking forward to reading more about some of the secondary characters in their own stories and will definitely continue reading the series, especially as I have been told that if you like the first book you will be pleased with the next as they get better.

I also read the short story intro about Nikolai Wroth & Myst which was good and sets the scene, although doesn't quite have the depth as the main books in the series.

...So the not so good - I HATED Lachlain's accent...really it grated on my nerves a number of times and almost brought me out that trance I go into when I read and am IN the story. Well his 'voice' was jarring. I have nothing against a Scottish accent, it just felt clunky and irritating the way it was written. The second thing I had an issue with was the way that they met - I don't want to spoil the story but I felt a bit 'ick' and uncomfortable in the initial chapters when things were begin forced upon Emma. I also felt that there was a long time spent with Emma resisting 'destiny' as it were and then a sudden immediate change to accepting...this could maybe have been gradually eased into a bit better to make it more realistic. However, the ending was pretty good and you do feel by the end that they should be together.

I will be interested to see the way things pan out for some of the other characters - some sound like they have quite interesting stories to tell.