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Warrior - Zoe Archer I am currently about half way through the book and I must say I am a little disappointed. I really wanted to like this and after reading the sample on my kindle version I thought that it sounded exciting and I liked what I read of the characters. But whilst it appears to be well-written, I am feeling that it is a bit slow-going for me and I am struggling to stay interested. The magical elements are few and far between and the baddies are very two-dimensional. I do like the main H/H - Thalia is a strong tom-boy type that doesn't fit the stereotype of her english 'lady' peers and Gabriel is an honourable ex-soldier who is more working-class. His awkwardness around 'ladies' is quite endearing. I feel they are quite well-written characters and their attraction is very steamy, but apart from this I don't feel much enthusiasm for the plot.

If you are hoping for PNR or for historical romance, then this is not it - it is much more like an Indiana Jones style adventure with a very loose historical setting and a bit of magic in the form of artifacts. I actually really like the Indiana Jones films, but having attempted a few books in this style and not liking them, I have come to the conclusion that this type of adventure story is not really for me in book form.

I like more typical urban fantasy/PNR or properly detailed and accurate historical romance with some adventure but am not keen on this kind of hybrid mix of PNR, historical, adventure, romance all mixed in - I think this may be my problem with it in that it tries to be a number of genres but doesn't really do any of them particularly well or in-depth because it is trying to be too many things.

I am going to persevere and try and finish this but I am starting to feel like I may not manage to finish it. I do feel that this could be a good book for someone who likes this type of story, it just isn't for me.