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Night Embrace - Sherrilyn Kenyon Im not quite sure how to rate this book...i enjoyed it and read it quite quickly. The development in the overall story and the information we find out about a number of the secondary characters is pretty good. We met a lot of characters which were intriguing and are being set up for further storylines, and I really want to read Zarek and Vane's stories...also I know that Ash has his own book now too which should be very interesting (#15). The past life of Talon is enjoyable - the emotions were very real...you felt his love, pain and loss. I even liked the relationship between him and Sunshine.

But saying all that, i felt the story was very drawn out and as i said in my progress notes, there was almost too much sex! I swear they had sex about 15 times during the book and it took up way too much of the story so that you felt you werent finding anything out about the overall plot. It all seemed very drawn out and they kept going round and round in circles - we can make it work, we cant make it work, we can make it work, we cant make it work....on and on it went...

Overall i did enjoy the story and all the additional characters and would definitely continue on with the series, so i think my final rating would need to be a 3.5.

Oh and the ending was interesting but strange at the same time. You suddenly found out quite a few things about some of the other characters, which was really great and I liked reading this part, but at the same time it seemed rather disjointed, like the scenes had all been tacked on at the end suddenly... to sum up, I think I enjoyed this for what we learnt of other characters and the overall story, rather than necessarily Talon & Sunshine's story itself.