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Grave Witch - Kalayna Price A solid 3.5-4 stars. A good start to a new series.

I didn't really know what to expect from this book, but it was surprisingly good. I enjoyed the storyline and for the most part it was quite fast-paced. It did slow down a bit about a third in to the book and I took a bit of a break from reading it, but when I got back into it, the pace picked back up again. However, the final part was kind of obvious but also rather messy...I think it needed to be a bit less predictable. It was a bit annoying that I think I could pretty much guess the final events from about half way through but for some reason Alex was stumped...I would have liked to see more clever detective work and working out of clues etc rather than just racing around in a bit of a tizz and not really thinking things through.

A found a lot of the characters were not particularly well fleshed out and some of the main ones we still know very little about even at the end of the book. I hope that the next in the series develops them further so we can learn more about them.

I would have liked to see more interaction between Alex & Death as we didn't really see much of him, but what I did see I liked. You obviously get that there is something there between them, but what you don't really know as we know next to nothing about him and he only pops in and out in a couple of places through the book.

Falin Andrews was also an interesting character and the relationship that develops between him and Alex, especially towards the end of the book was pretty good - although it is left on somewhat of a cliffhangar.

There were quite a lot of in-depth explanations of the magical elements, which I don't usually mind, especially if a complex world needs explaining, but a couple of times I did find it a bit hard to follow, and found myself re-reading a few bits.

At the end, there is a conclusion to the main story in this book but a number of loose ends and storyline threads that are obviously now continuing into the next book, the main one being the love triangle...

I will very likely read more in the series soon.