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Hounded - Kevin Hearne I really wasn't sure what to expect of this, so I downloaded a sample first and from what I read, I really liked the writing and the main character.

I started reading and was really not quite sure what to make of it... There are a lot of things I like about this book and I really do like the main character Atticus...plus the secondary characters we have seen so far are relatively interesting too. I'm just not quite sure where this is going and can't make myself be that invested in the plot.

I think also I am used to reading PNR or UF with a romantic slant and some strong female characters thrown in, so I am feeling a bit lost without any hint of a love interest whatsoever...even one that is put there to hint at a future love interest. I do enjoy flirty banter between characters and it's not there from what I can see.

I started skimming and there was just something I wasn't quite comfortable with but I couldn't put my finger on it and then I started reading some reviews for this and the other books in the series, only to realise what it was...all the women are portrayed as weak characters to what I am used to and not particularly clever either, whereas the male characters seem to be pretty cool. It probably wouldn't have bothered me if we had even one decent, strong & clever female character in there...maybe someone even that was a baddy but that hinted at the fact that Atticus really had met his match but they were mutually respectful of each other...but no.

So alas, I think it's probably a good book/series if you can overlook this fact, but it's not for me unfortunately...