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The Man With the Golden Torc - Simon R. Green This was a bit disappointing. I read this book after it was recommended to me as being excellent urban fantasy with some romance thrown in...unfortunately it was very dragged out, with no real romance to speak of. The only character that was developed to any extent was the main hero of our story, edwin drood, or shaman bond and everyone else was pretty much a cardboard cut-out.

I enjoyed the elaborate and imaginative villains and situations and world, and I actually started the book thinking it would be a 4-5 star read easily. But by half way through everything I thought could have been wrapped up more succinctly was being heavily dragged out and those areas I would have liked to hear more about were not explored enough! Some aspects were very good as they really conveyed the horror of things, some were fantasy, some sci-fi...

The 'romance' was not really one at all and I was not 'feeling' the relationship. The conversation that was supposed to be witty banter and flirting was all just very false and forced and didn't seem funny. In fact a lot of it was really quite repetitive and Molly was a real cardboard cut-out parotting predictable phrases and some that just seemed harsh and out of context. The language didn't flow easily and was often jarring so that I came out of the book's story and knew I was just reading. I like to be fully immersed in the story and feeling like I'm part of it without reality intruding.

So overall I think a 3* as it wasn't terrible and there were parts I really quite liked, but there were also aspects that were not so good and I was disappointed after the promising start. I don't think I will be continuing with the series.