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Betting Hearts - Dee Tenorio I first read this a year or so ago and I remember it being pretty good, so I thought I would re-read it, as my sister was asking for some recommendations for books to read.

This time around, I would rate a solid 3.5 stars (rounded up to a 4 as I did really quite enjoy the book).

This is a sweet little story about best friends becoming lovers. I really like this theme when well done. It was quite a quick read and kept my interest throughout even on the second time around.

The characters are not that well developed and I almost felt that it could have done with being longer, but I was definitely invested in CB & Burke (silly name) and the secondary characters were nicely done too. Although again, none were that well developed, I didn't feel they were 2D card board cut outs, I particularly liked the little side story of her dad and Lola and pregnant Alice.

You really got a sense that the H/H loved each other completely, even before they were going to get together, as they did everything together, shared similar interests and were practically a married couple anyway, but neither of them could see it!

I also found that there were a couple of misunderstandings and things Burke had done which CB COULD have been really annoyed about (which is what many other books would have done to drag the story on), but she didn't fixate on them and use them as a complete sticking point to get her knickers in a twist...instead she just accepted that in the end these things reinforced what she already knew, that Burke loved her, and it brought them together. I thought this was actually quite refreshing!

Overall a nice little read which sticks out in my memory as enjoyable.