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A to Z (Coda Books, #2) - Marie Sexton I really enjoyed this story and it was great to see some more of Matt & Jared too. However, I couldn't give 5 stars as I felt none of the secondary characters were developed very well and Tom was a very 2D character.

I loved the first book in this series too and instantly liked Jared. I liked the fact that Zach & Angelo are not just replicas of Jared & Matt but in a different story, they had their own personalities, and ways of acting, speaking & thinking etc.

The first book in this series is written from the POV of Jared, which was the only thing I was a bit disappointed about with that one, although it didnt detract from the story much. So I was pleasantly surprised in this one when we had first person narrative still but from the POV of both of the main characters. I thought this was a nice touch you dont often see.

I did feel there were quite a lot of issues for the characters to still work through and the ending was maybe just slightly abrupt, but I have just realised there is a sequel, so I will go check that out!

I will definitely be reading more from Sexton and especially the Coda series.