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Blood Rights - Kristen Painter As soon as I started reading this book I loved it!

I read a lot in the PNR and UF genre, but my preference is always a really good UF storyline, with a definite romance woven in...rather than being build solely around the romance with a story crafted to show this. Blood Rights seemed like the perfect book for me. I found it interesting, fast-paced and engaging from the beginning, with some surprising characters and a great villain.

Tatiana makes a brilliant evil character - I like it when the baddies have a bit of back story like this and are more than just an insane person (although she probably is insane, but there is more than just insanity driving her)!

I initially thought Chrysabelle was going to be a weak character, but was quickly proven wrong on that count. And although Mal was a strong male hero, he wasn't a stereotypical over the top alpha vampire, which sometimes gets on my nerves.

This book/story was reminiscent of a number of other great series in this genre, but not to the point where it was just a 'me too'. It initially reminded me of something like Jocelyn Drakes 'Dark Days' series, although I'm not sure it is QUITE as dark. There are definitely things that remind me of the demons inside the Lords in Gena Showalter's series Lord of the Underworld, although there wasn't the slapstick humour of this series, and there was something reminiscent of Ward's BDB series...especially the gruesomeness/brutality of the Castus Sanguis prompting thoughts of the Omega from the Lessening Society in BDB...needless to say I love all of those series, so definitely a positive.

However, after an amazing start and an unputdownable majority of the book, I felt let down by the ending...it was a bit weak and felt anticlimatic in a way. There is a lot of stuff left unresolved and a number of things happened towards the end that I didn't see the point in - or at least I didn't get the WAY that they happened. I can't say too much without giving it away, but it felt a little messy and after getting to know the characters pretty well throughout the book and knowing how they felt about things and would react, I thought that they definitely didn't react to the situation they were all in at the end, in the way I would have thought they would from what we had seen so far...sometimes this is a good thing as they are surprising/unpredictable, but I am sure that's not what happened here. It was as if Painter struggled to finish it right - with that perfect level of some storylines completed, some left open for a cliffhangar - and in writing the story to try and fit the ending of the first book and leave it open enough for the next, she ended up making the characters act in a way that wasn't true to themselves/their characters. I'm hoping it picks up the fast pace again and gets back on track in the next book, as I started off this book loving it and it definitely has the potential to be a series I will enjoy.

Update: I immediately downloaded the next in the series, which I don't normally do, as usually I have to wait for the next to come out as I tend to be reading new series. However, I thought I would push straight on with this to try and change my impression of the ending of this book...but sadly the relationship between the hero/heroine that has been building throughout the first book and is an integral part of it then suddenly takes a massive step back for what seems like a stupid reason, so I am not impressed. I have put it on hold to read at a later date, as otherwise I think I am going to get bored with it and not want to continue. It's a shame as this started so promising.