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The Darkest Hour - Maya Banks The first thing I noticed about this was that it starts straight into the action pretty much, as something major has already happened to the H/H when we first start the book and then we meet characters along the way. I have a bit of a soft spot for story set ups like this where there is a big close-knit family with lots of brothers, of course all of which are strong and gorgeous with lots of respect for their mum! :) ...kind of unrealistic perhaps, but hey, its fiction.

The emotion felt quite real with Ethan mourning his wife initially and then the reunion etc. The action was pretty good too and I liked all the characters, although I felt a number could have had more depth, but a lot of people were introduced, so I guess there wasn't time to flesh them all out.

I did feel that it was a little lovey dovey for my liking at times, and because of the existing relationship between the H/H it allowed them to express their love from really early on. So from the relationship point of view it wasn't really THAT suspenseful/surprising and perhaps a little too predictable and obvious for me. So I would have preferred to have seen a bit more angst around the relationship.

I am assuming that the addition of Rusty's character is going to be explored further in the rest of the series, as she wasn't really fleshed out too well at all. I found her character to be just a device to get certain aspects of the story to happen, maybe somewhat clumsily, so it would be good to understand how she will fit in during future stories.

One final thing that was a bit annoying was a lack of consistency around what had been remembered by Rachel already and what hadn't yet. I just noticed that a couple of things towards the beginning were mentioned and yet she wasn't supposed to have remembered those things yet - or at least I don't think so...so even if it was just me, it shows it was confusing!

An enjoyable read though, I will definitely read more of the series at a later date.