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Kiss of Steel - Bec McMaster 4.5 stars overall

I saw that quite a few people recommended this and thought i would give it a go. Athough it was listed as steampunk as one of the common genres for the book, i personally thought that it wasnt that heavy in steampunk detail. There was some here and there in the worldbuilding and bits and pieces but it was generally a mix of pnr and historical romance. This wasnt really a bad thing, just dont go into it thinking it will be full on steampunk detail.

I quite liked the twist in the usual vampire lore and the whole scientific aspect was interesting in the way the infection/blue bloods/vampirism worked - although i did feel it was a little light on some of the detail. the heroine was pretty feisty and strong and i liked the hero too, apart from his accent and maybe his name, which were slightly annoying.

It was a good read and introduced some interesting secondary characters that im sure we will see more of in future. A pretty fast-paced action-packed book with a good amount of romance and steamy scenes thrown in! I didnt want to put it down, which is a nice change as i havent finished most of the books ive read recently.

My main criticism with the story is that i felt there were certain parts where details became a little confusing/inconsistent - eg, when Honor talked of her fathers diary as if it was in the chest in her bedroom wrapped in a shirt but then later we find she has to go and get it back from the institute; when they were in the underground tunnels hunting the vampire and tin man pulled her off down a side tunnel but then where did he disappear to after that? There were numerous bits like this through the story...it didnt really detract from the main storyline so i wasnt too bothered about it but it was noticeable.

Oh something else i liked is that Honor and Blade's story is wrapped up nicely in this book and the next in the series will be for a new H/H but still with all the main characters and some new, so Honor and Blade are still integral to the story.

The kindle edition i read had an excerpt from the next in the series - cant wait for it to come out later this year!