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Raphael - D.B. Reynolds I will come back to write a full review - I have been trying to decide if this is a 4 or 4.5 star read.

There are definitely a lot of good points going for it and I am going straight out to buy book 2 Jabril, which as everyone says is actually Raphael Book 2, so good enough to make me want to read on. I quite liked the heroine, but gotta say I didnt really LOVE her. The hero is typical old vamp who has lost touch a bit with humanity and has a suitably tortured past. He was very brutal at times, but I felt the way our heroine viewed this to be slightly detatched/cold. I definitely thought the lust between them was believable, but not sure about love at this stage which they start to hint at.

I didnt think i would but i actually quite liked the way the story ends in a bit of a cliffhangar with their relationship whilst wrapping up the plot so far in other respects.

I love Duncan as a secondary character, so hope he has his own book at some point and Holly as the heroines sister is suitably irritating.

There was just something missing that I cant put my finger on...despite being fast paced and action packed, there was something that kept me a little detatched from the story.

More thoughts to follow...