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Night Reigns - Dianne Duvall 3.5 stars

Good read and follow-on from the first in the series. There was lots of action and some developments in the overall plot of the series and I quite liked the hero who we met in the previous story and the heroine who we were introduced to at the very end of the last.

The first couple of fight scenes were pretty cool, especially Ami's part and I like the love story between the main characters, plus there's a pretty cool twist with Ami's heritage...

However, I started to get rather bored towards the end, as everything seemed pretty disjointed in that there were lots of things happening and then it slowed, then something exciting and then it slowed...so I guess the pacing was off. I found the ending pretty anti-climatic...I really did struggle to finish the last 20%.

I did reslly quite like the glimpses we saw of Bastien though, so I am quite interested to read hs story...I don't think I will pick it up straight away.

I also realised that there are a lot of similarities with Kenyon's Dark Lover series and I kept getting mixed up with the stories as I am just reading Dance ith the Devil at the moment too!