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Dance with the Devil - Sherrilyn Kenyon Good read, but not as good as I was hoping/expecting. I think this could have been more. Every series has the dark, brooding, tortured hero who verges on insane...Zarek's story was it. But there was something a bit too sweet about Astrid and I felt there was no reason they loved each other apart from the fact that she was the only person to show him compassion and she felt sorry for him! There was hardly any conversation between them and although I think it was a necessary part if the story, there was something I wasnt keen on about the dream section of the story....maybe it came too early on before they had got to know each other.

We learnt some pretty cool stuff about the overall plot and Acheron...cant wait for his book eventually! I quite like Simi, Ash's demon companion and we get to see her again here.

I will definitely continue on with the series.