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Fury of Fire - Coreene Callahan, Benjamin L. Darcie Update: 6/1/2013

1.5-2 stars for the few bits that I liked...mainly the action scenes and interesting powers.

I give up! Ive been sitting on this one thinking I might go back and finish it since before Christmas...but while reviewing all my GR books, I might as well just DNF this as I dont think Im likely to finish this now. Its just too similar to other series and at the same time weirdly uncomfortable in how the "heroes" seem to force themselves on women! Even if it is just to touch them to drain energy....there are much better books out there to spend my time reading and so I wont be wasting any more time on this.

Original review: Well so far (I am on page 292 of 408 my kindle says) there are some good points - the development of the evil baddy rather than just being a character who is, well, just 'bad' without knowing anything about him; the battle scenes (I have only seen a couple so far but what I have seen were pretty well done); the cool powers they all have; the other Nightfurys are interesting; and the way you know the plot is going to have some twists and turns and links that are to come but keep you guessing.

However, there are some terrible points too!! I am afraid I am not in love with the main characters, they are rather annoying; Bastien does stupid things that I find weird and Myst finds endearing way to early on in their 'relationship'; WAY too many similarities to the BDB series (see point below); although they are supposed to be dragons, they are so just vampires with scales; there are some instances where the Nightfurys' need to get energy from women is too weird and too close to forcing someone/rape for my liking, which makes it way icky and uncomfortable, rather than in the least bit sexy.

Until the most recent instance of 'forcing' (as above), I had been happily keeping on reading - as despite the bad parts it was quite enjoyable, but now the whole set up is just, odd, and I have slowed down on reading it. I would like to finish it though, just to see what happens! I hate not finishing a book.

Oh and is it just me or is it SO close to the likes of the BDB series that it could count as plagarism! Is it fan fiction or something and I have missed it?

Well at least the good thing is I have been able to borrow it free from the kindle library instead of buying it!