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The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - N.K. Jemisin 2.5 stars

I dont really know what I was expecting, but this wasnt it!

Its strange as the story is somewhat unsophisticated as fantasy stories go, and follows the story of a girl who is trying to piece together the reason for her mothers murder, only to find out her mother might not have been quite who she thought. The world is quite well done and we meet some characters who could be interesting but nobody gets particularly well developed. The whole story is told from the first person POV of Yeine, who is telling it as if recounting from it at some future date and sometimes talking to someone (or possibly herself) during this recounting. This sometimes makes for a confusing paragraph or two.

I also found some of the ideas odd...one minute our heroine was forsaking her heritage and showing compassion or talking about showing strength, but then there were a number of instances that just seemed out of character and oddly emotionless.

The gods were strange too, although i guess thats what was wanted. We only really see much of two in particular and its all bordering on the strangely incestuous...there are also hints at other strange perversions with previous amn people who can command them...

It kept me reding until the end, I think constantly expecting more, and the ending was an interesting twist, but I was left feeling unsatisfied.

The writing was relatively good, pacing was well done as it did keep my interest, however some parts were just a bit strange, the characters were not particularly well fleshed out thoughh, and I have to say I didnt feel particularly attached to any of them except Sieh. In fact apart from the horror at some of the gruesome acts, I didnt feel a lot of emotion was really expressed or portrayed throughout and this combined with the first person POV in this instance made it so that I could not feel very invested in the characters or bring myself to care much as to what happened at the end.