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What Price Paradise - Katherine Allred I just can't be bothered to read any further - I really don't like this.

I am surprised as I really liked The Sweet Gum Tree and Alien Encounters by Allred and this has a pretty high rating from a lot of people.

I liked the premise and picked it up thinking it would just be a sweet little read that I could finish in a day or two in between the heavier fantasy books I have been reading. However, I was pretty disappointed with the writing and the characters.

Everyone we meet is just so stereotypical and irritating - the whole plot concept is ruined right in the beginning with the way it is so false with the events that happen.

The writing also suffers drastically from a serious case of 'telling' the reader what the characters are thinking and feeling with overly obvious statements and thoughts, as if the author thought the reader might not get what was being implied!

I think if maybe you live in a world where women/wives do the cooking and cleaning and the men look after their little woman by working on the ranch, and where the people are sexist and you can't possibly have a baby *gasp* out of wedlock!!, then you might sympathise with the characters and enjoy this more...but needless to say, this is definitely not my kind of book. I generally like very strong female characters in books, however, even I like the occasional book like Lauren Dane's 'Chase' brothers series...but this was just too annoying for me.

I'm only a third of the way in and I wanted to roll my eyes at every other thought or statement that the characters made! Urgh, it makes me itch! I couldn't event find any plus points at all, which is pretty unusual for me...