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You Slay Me - Katie MacAlister 3.5 stars.

Quick, fun, "light" read - I found our heroine a bit mental, sort of across between Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and Darynda Jones' Charley Davidson characters - there is the same manic racing around from one thing to the next, trying to solve some sort of convoluted mystery. I didn't laugh as much or as hard as the Charley Davidson books though. The situations Aisling finds herself in are just ridiculous, most of the time in a relatively funny way - we mainly spend most of the book following her around while she jumps from one chaotic mess to another...but she somehow works things out in the end. Her love interest, Drake, was perhaps a rather cliched rich, handsome, powerful kinda guy, but as we only heard from Aisling's POV throughout it was hard to glean much real insight into Drake's thoughts/feelings. We got some hot and steamy sex scenes, although I didn't feel the relationship was really developed enough at this stage for it to feel like anything other than attraction/lust and part of the whole "mate" thing.

At the end we are left with the main plot of this story being wrapped up but more to come on the relationship between Aisling & Drake.

I guess one of the biggest down-sides was that I felt that the world and the characters were not really developed well, so most of them seemed a bit like cardboard cutouts and this wasn't really helped by the fact that its all written in first person from Aisling's POV as I said above. It was also rather a silly plot, but I think its all meant to be rather tongue-in-cheek.

However despite these down-sides, I still thought it was an enjoyable read and something I can see myself reading every so often to continue the series when I just need something relatively light in between the more intense and darker books I'm reading. Although I don't feel any great need to read straight on to the next in the series right now.