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Zoey Rogue (Incubatti #1) - Lizzy Ford A few niggles, but overall I really enjoyed this and especially for the first in a series I was pleasantly surprised - solid 4 stars. I think a great start to a new series and actually a relatively unique storyline in the world of PNR/UF where everything seems to have been done to death by now - so well done to Lizzy Ford for creating something that felt a bit different! I think a big part of it could be because I normally avoid stories about Incubus/Succubus but I think this was done really well.

The world and background etc was built throughout the story so we learnt a lot but didn't have an info-dump at the start. Some really interesting secondary characters and politics between and within the different groups were presented. I'm interested to see if we will read any of Declan's brothers' stories/Team R's girls in future.

Zoey is a pretty kick-ass heroine, so it was hard not to like her and I enjoyed the scenes where she obliterated large amounts of the baddies! :) I did have a little trouble with the portrayed power of the hero and the kind of controlling nature - I don't mind the cliché of alpha male heroes as long as the women don't suddenly become all weak because of it and as long as the men show they are changing a bit over the course of the story and that they dont want to squash all the rebelliousness out of their heroine now they have them. Declan's exertions of his power were relatively subtle and he also showed weaknesses, admitted he liked Zoey's spirit, plus combined with Zoey's strong character it wasn't tooooo irritating.

My other main criticism of the book was the amount of sex (and some of the cringe-worthy descriptions!) - and I suppose what I mean is, the amount of unnecessary sex scenes and the unnecessary length of them! - I enjoy reading steamy, graphic and erotic sex scenes, but there was just so much! Obviously with a story around characters that focus on sex-energy you are going to have lots of sex, but some of the scenes were pages and pages long!! I didn't mind the amount of pages dedicated to these scenes when they were being used as a way to convey the special three-stage bonding process between incubus and their mates, or the connection of emotions/thoughts etc that the mates get, but then after that the length of the scenes was a shame as it just left me a bit bored and wishing the pages had been used to add more to the story itself...I even started flicking through those bits. I just wanted to get on with the action of the story. My ideal book is an action-packed and gritty urban fantasy with a decent central romance included (definitely with hot sex scenes) but not overshadowing the story itself, and so for me these scenes seemed a little out-of-place in their length on balance with the rest of the story. But luckily the story itself managed to make up for it and kept me hooked.

There were also some inconsistencies throughout with the writing, but I can forgive that as they were not massive and didn't detract much from my enjoyment of the story.

WARNING - there is a rather large cliff-hanger at the end - you know the answers to a lot of things, but there are also more questions and a lot to resolve between our hero/heroine (although you can kinda guess where its going) and the different groups within this world. So you might want to wait to read this until the next is nearer release, as I feel I could quite happily have continued straight on reading the next book, which I don't normally do - I think this might be in part because after skimming through some of the sex scenes it felt like the story might have been a little light so if the next book leads straight on it would be more like reading the next chapter! Luckily "Zoey Avenger", the next in the series, is being released in September 2013, so not too long to wait!