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Star Kissed - Lizzy Ford I'm disappointed. Sounded intriguing initially, but I am surprised to say that I didn't feel the writing was very good. Some of Lizzy Ford's other books are among my favourite books, so I don't know what happened here - if this is the first book you are reading from Ford and were not keen, give her another try.

20% in and I didn't care for the characters, I felt like I was in the head of a silly 13 year old most of the time, everything was being spelled out to us, the writing was rather stilted in places, the connections between some of the characters felt very false - perhaps because the writing around these scenes were quite wooden. If it had been actors in a film, I would have said they were poor actors and you could tell they were reading from a script.

The plot was ok, and the way it started was quite good, but already it feels like a mix of bits of other major sci-fi stories.

In fairness, it isn't awful and if I had more time, I would probably read the whole thing, but I have such a big "to-be-read" pile and not much time to read these days, so although I hate to say it, I think this is going to have to be a "did-not-finish"... I haven't given a rating as I felt it unfair, having not read the whole book to see if it got better.

For some better sci-fi romance, try Linnea Sinclair's books, maybe Accidental Goddess (although this has less space travel and more magic) or Games of Command which I loved, although it was a pretty fantastical plot, hey its sci-fi, so just go with it and you will enjoy it.