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Nearly Departed in Deadwood  -  C.S. Kunkle, Ann Charles 3.5 stars - quite funny read. I did guess early on what was going on more or less, although there were a few other mysteries thrown in there maybe to confuse things...or maybe they will carry on in the next book. The main storyline gets wrapped up in this one and some things are resolved in Violet's love life, but there are still things to sort out and threads to follow up on.

Some of it felt a little silly, and she is definitely one of those heroines that goes running all over the place investigating things and being suspicious, but then missing major clues, allowing her to walk into trouble. The whole book, even the serious bits almost have a "light" and humourous feel at most times and although this isn't my normal style, I did enjoy this quite a lot.

However it was still enjoyable and I do like a few of the main characters that were fleshed out somewhat. Everything is in Vi's POV throughout.

I think I will definitely continue with the series but not immediately.