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Finding Home - Cameron Dane I am not sure this even deserves 1 star at this point. I think even that may be being generous.

This book is absolutely terrible!! I dont think I have read such rubbish for a long time! Perhaps I missed the style of book this was supposedto be but I had thought it was supposed to be a male/male romance....but it was just a very poorly written m/m erotic short story. I dont mind explicit/erotic content and often read books containng it but there has to be a proper storyline and there was just nothing here really at all and what was supposed to be the storyline was so stupid I couldnt finish it.

I originally thought the premise of the story was ok from reading the blurb - it had me interested and it seemed to start ok, but I was a little worried with the way some of it was done even from the beginning as the writing was only 'ok', but I thought I would give it a chance as often books get better as you get into them.

Unfortunately this just went downhill quickly. The first third perhaps was Ok, maybe a 2.5 star read BUT then the contrived situations were so over the top and ridiculous it was just stupid. In fact so stupid that in the end I didnt even want to laugh at how stupid, I actually started getting annoyed and then angry as it gradually got worse and worse.

I will add some more specifics in a bit when I have stopped being annoyed at wasting my money on this book, but it will need spoiler tags. There is no proper plot to speak of, no development of characters at all, we only know very basic details about everyone, even the main characters...it was as if every scene was put together so we could get some form of sexual scene out of it with no thought to a storyline. The language used wasnt consistent and was corny sometimes, crude others and just stupid sometimes. There were absolutely no emotions that it made you feel, no connection between the characters or with the characters. It really left me feeling that I just couldnt care less what happened to any of them...this is the first time in a long time that I have felt like this. It wasnt just a bad book, it was awful as far as Im concerned.

Eventually after getting to about 70% I just couldnt bring myself to waste any more time on it, as it wasnt going anywhere so I have put it in the did not finish pile.