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Secrets of a Summer Night - Lisa Kleypas 3.5/4 stars

For what it was, I really enjoyed this. Historical romance is really not me cup of tea normally, but I picked this up as the series was recommended by a lot of people and I thought it sounded interesting enough to start from the first book.

Often with historical romance I get annoyed with the simpering women and flowery language but none of it was too bad/over the top, so it didn't detract from my enjoyment - in fact I liked the characters and the banter between the "wallflowers". However, I really didn't like how cruel Annabelle was about halfway in, when she tells Simon she "deserves better" and also some of their interactions later which quite clearly show what a snob she is - however as the story progresses you see her change and grow as a character to the point where she is no longer like this - however, I am unsure as to whether she ever really does realise quite how much of a bitch she was early on!

The pace was set pretty well throughout and it kept me interested - it did lag a little around the honeymoon, which was a shame as I hadn't been able to put it down until that point - but then it picked back up again towards the end. The sex scenes were well done and pretty hot - BUT I have to say that I hate the way that Annabelle refers to Simon's chest hair as a fleece!! lol - apart from that, I didn't have any major complaints.

A good read and I would definitely read more in the series and more by Kleypas.