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Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - Sarah MacLean I've recently decided to revisit historical romance after years of avoiding the genre. I used to read a lot of historical romance as a teenager but in more recent years have preferred mainly more gritty reading.

After seeing Kleypas' Wallflowers series and MacLean's Love by Numbers and The Rules of Scoundrels series receive very good reviews from quite a number of the people I follow on goodreads, I thought I would give the genre another go.

I am pleased I did, as this is the second historical romance which I have enjoyed recently. I still felt there were a few areas that I noted whilst reading which bugged me a little, such as some of the language being a little flowery, blushing virgins and the descriptions of the clothing worn by the dandys etc, but luckily it never became too over-the-top for me to lose interest in the story.

It was a fun read and I quite liked the heroine for once as she wasn't your typical simpering kind of female, and I enjoyed her adventures. I felt the ending slightly lacking in that we didn't really ever get to see/hear about the happy couple together apart from a very brief epilogue. However it was still enjoyable and I guess we may see glimpses of them in future books in the series anyway.