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Fire of the Dragon - Lori Dillon When I read the description of the book I really liked the premise and so downloaded the kindle sample to take a look - I was drawn in as soon as I started reading it and had to download the full book to read straight away!

I don't know what I was expecting but it was a nice surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters - time travel and dragons in a story aren't normally a success for me with the previous books I have read! The main characters were nicely fleshed out and developed, the relationship between them seemed real - there were some funny, light parts to the story but also some darker and more emotional elements which were done well, although all in all this was not really a "dark" read at all. The actions of the heroine were slightly annoying in a couple of places, but overall she grew on me, Baelin was definitely the star of the show though! This is definitely all about the characters, as although the world is developed to an extent, most of the book revolves around them going on their quest and spending a lot of time together, which works well for me.

Its a shame we don't get to hear a little more about what happens at the end, but then I guess that's left to the imagination. I'm looking forward to reading Roderick's story when its released and more from Lori Dillon in general. This is definitely a great start to a series.