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Lover Reborn - J.R Ward I was REALLY looking forward to this next installment in the BDB series, not because I was looking forward to Tohr's book, but because I just wanted to carry on reading about the brothers. So when it was finally released, I thought I would read it straight away, but for some reason I have been putting it off.

I keep looking at it thinking I should read it, but then finding another book to read first. I think because I am not too enamoured of the Tohr and No'One match and wasn't really interested in No'One as a character much, so that in itself is a bit of a 'bleuh' kind of idea for me. Plus I desperately want this book to go back to Ward's earlier excellence level, because I really really want to enjoy this book. So I guess after reading mixed reviews, I am now kind of nervous as to whether I will enjoy it or not, especially after the flop that the last book was for me.

I will get round to reading it at some point, but I'm wondering whether to try and wait it out further so that I can be nearer to the release date of the LONG awaited 'Lover at Last' next year.