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What a Gentleman Wants - Caroline Linden 3.5 stars

I am having difficulty deciding on a rating for this, as I didn't feel it was consistent throughout...

I liked the premise if you can suspend belief slightly, found the beginning and ending very enjoyable and some of the snippets in between. I liked the characters and the way the relationship developed between our hero and heroine. I even quite enjoyed the bit of mystery they had to solve. The heroes commitment to his family was endearing and at the same time there was something vulnerable about him for all his arrogance.

But at the same time, I found the middle part to drag quite a bit to the point I had to make myself finish it - it could have done with something more happening or a faster pace. I am glad I did finish the book, as I don't want another "did not finish" and I definitely enjoyed the ending, so it was worth persevering. But because of the blip in the middle I couldn't really give it a higher rating.