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Red Fox - Karina Halle This isn't as scary as the first story, not in a spooky way anyway, but it is pretty action-packed, especially towards the end.

Like the first in the series its intriguing and engaging, we also learn a lot more about Dex and his background, Perry & Dex learn to trust each other and the tension between them is even higher than before too!

The sarcastic humour I love from the first story in the series is still there and we've met a new character from Dex's past who I think we will likely see again in the future.

I can't help but race through these books! I don't know what it is about them, as they are not perfect, but I think I love the messed up madness of the characters, combined with the adventures and the tension between the characters.

I did find that Perry did a couple of stupid things, maybe had a couple of TSTL moments even, but in general I do like her as a heroine. I found it really frustrating that initially Perry didn't share all the details with Dex and especially that she discounts salient points or doesn't add up some of the clues particularly well! She was always needing to be rescued in this one...however, she does make up for it a little towards the end - especially with her crazy-mad horse-riding skills! lol