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Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle 4/4.5 stars

Wow, an exciting ending - another good installment. we learn more about both Perry & Dex's backgrounds. I was a bit irritated with Perry's behaviour in the very early part of the book with how she acts like a little kid with her parents, but then the next minute she is meant to be having this intense relationship of sorts with a complex man in his 30s... something odd also happens at the beginning when she is arguing with her parents, but we dont get any explanation for it - im assuming it will come up again later but it was pretty weird.

You learn some shocking revelations about the pair of them on the island and the adventure this time is pretty freaky and exciting towards the end. you really see the nasty parts of their personalities come out on the island too - although this was influenced by the "evil" that was happening there...it wasn't really ever explained too well but hinted at. I felt a bit like the full story of the island was never concluded but the main plot seemed to revolve around Perry & Dex's "relationship". It was definitely an emotional roller-coaster and kind of leaves you feeling battered! I really want to carry on immediately with the next in the series but I get the feeling it is probably going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better!

Slight disappointment with the editing issues that were annoying in this one, like extra words in sentences and words mixed up - it was a bit distracting, but not terrible. I hope future books are better. This was in the kindle edition, so I'm not sure what the print version is like.