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Lying Season - Karina Halle Wow wow wow!!! I think this is about the only series where I ever want to rush on immediately to the next one for this many books in the series. I loved this one, possibly the best of the series so far, from a Perry and Dex relationship POV. Emotions are flying all over the place throughout and god, the tension, especially around Jenn! Some freaky scary stuff happens too, especially at the mental institute, urgh, gives me cold shivers. And we find out some rather disturbing stuff about "the accident" in Perry's past.

I like the fact that Perry is saving Dex this time around instead of Perry having to be saved all the time too.

And the ending, oh my goodness, talk about a major cliffhanger! I dont know what people did that read these as they were being published...I dont think I could have waited. This is one where you just have to read the next one immediately...and thats what Im off to do right now.