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Escapade - Kasey Michaels 3.5/4 stars

This was really quite entertaining, right til the end, when I thought it wrapped up rather abruptly.

Apart from that I really enjoyed this read - the characters were great, I loved the character of Imogene (our hero's mother), it really wouldn't have been the same without her, she brought a lot of humour and wittiness to the story.

There was one point early on where Simon was in Whites with his friends and I got a bit confused about their conversation as it was rather convoluted and hard to follow, but other than that the dialogue throughout was pretty good and I loved the witty banter between the friends and between Simon and his mother etc.

I would have liked Callie to maybe be slightly more consistently the tomboy, as we only saw bits here and there and for the rest she acted like a "lady", she also started getting a bit gushy and typically swoony and in love for my liking towards the end.

Apart from the couple of niggles mentioned though I enjoyed this one and will definitely be looking at other books by this author.